Software Engineering Career

Starting out on your software development career? Looking for the next step, but not sure how to tackle it? In this series of articles I provide you my experience from junior software engineer to technical team lead, from having worked on government projects, big companies, startups and starting my own business. During my career multiple technologies have passed and evolved, I'll give you some advise on how to best prepare for this. Also switching jobs or negotiating a higher salary come with some basic tips that you shouldn't ignore. I'll give you the tools and knowledge to build your own career path.

Software Craftsmanship

A career in software development takes years and years to become good at, but is really and endless journey. There are however some ways to improve more quickly and to become a real craftsman. I'll give you some insights in how I tackled it, how I gradually became a better software engineer and how you can take this knowledge and build on your own craftsmanship level.

Technology & Concepts

The basis of a solid career in the software industry is to understand a wide range of concepts which remain valid while technologies come and go. Based on my experience I'll try to explain some of these concepts, which might even introduce you to some parts of the industry which you don't typically encounter and which allow you to broaden your horizon.

Development Setup

Want to setup or optimize your local development setup? Self-host some services of your side-project? In this series of articles I show you how I've selected my development machine, how I configured it, which tools I use daily and which technologies and tools I use to run my one-man business.